Jaguar F-TYPE V6 S. Select Nano visit. Journals

Mayank and the F-TYPE V6 S pay a visit to ‘the doctors of detailing, Select Nano UAE, for some TLC

Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe V6 S. Journals (January)-03

Driver's Log
Date acquired: May 2014
Total kilometres: 16,484
Kilometres this month: 1093
Costs this month: It's a secret!
L/100km this month: 12.0

Six months has certainly taken its toll on my F-TYPE. Keeping a black car clean is virtually impossible, since a thin layer of dust will blanket itself across the body quickly. And, after a few too many petrol station car wash visits, it’s only a matter of time before swirls and contaminants begin to show up in the paintwork. The decision was made, no more, and so I dropped a line to multiple friends on where I should get the F-TYPE restored. The answer was unanimous: “Give Fred a call.”

Extremely polarizing with his words?—?which there will be many, many of?—?Frederik (Fred) will tell you more about your car in 30 minutes than you thought possible. Drive your car through the bright green doors at Select Nano UAE – across the meticulous workshop floor – and one thing becomes clear quickly: Select Nano, like Fred, is no phony.

Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe V6 S. Journals (January)-01

I had known that my car was a metallic black when I’d ordered it and picked it up. But I’d never seen what Fred coined, ‘The Big Bang’. Millions and millions of stars shone on the paintwork as little flecks of blue, green, red and yellow sparkled to reveal their lustrous quality. You haven’t seen metallic paintwork until your car has been with these guys. The attention to detail is phenomenal: I’ve had cars detailed in the past and almost all of them were done in half a day. With Fred, make sure you give him his time?—?if he’ll take your car that is?—?and you must absolutely promise to follow his rules to the letter.

Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe V6 S. Journals (January)-02

On the inside, my red leather seats were softer and cleaner than they’d ever been: it’s hard to believe that just six months of usage could cause as much damage as it does, the heat – coupled with my denim – having aged the leather already. I’ve got my first wash lined up in a couple of days with them to complete the nano particle finish that has been applied to the car. More on the effects of that next month.

*For more information, check out and the Select Nano UAE facebook page for further updates

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