How to turn your computer into a Lamborghini

Turn your computer into a Lamborghini Gallardo. Or a Nissan Skyline GT-R. Why not? These guys did…


Question: would you prefer to take your computer to work in a Lamborghini Gallardo or a Nissan Skyline GT-R? The only slight snag is that you have to build them first

Oh, and did we mention that both the raging bull and the JDM favourite are both computer cases?

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The first case-modder we present for your delectation is Von Carlo Rasonabe – or ‘Reapervon’ – who has stripped both the innards of his PC and the works of a 1:5 scale radio-controlled Lamborghini Gallardo, combining the two to create one of the coolest  computer towers we’ve ever come across. Von Carlo even decked out the Lambo after its heart-transplant with a new paint finish (plus racing stripes), red neon and re-sprayed black wheels.

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And from the creative – and presumably infinitely patient – mind of Ronnie Hara comes this Skyline GT-R themed computer case, complete with flash metallic blue paint, Nissan and GT-R badges, NOS canisters (yes, really) and blue neon. Not only is it fully operational but one panel has also been replaced with clear plastic so that we can see the thematically-coloured tech at work. Somewhere crankandpiston’s James Davison is throwing his iMac off the balcony in a fit of jealousy…

If you’d like to see the Skyline and the Gallardo being brought to live, you can read their respective build threads HERE and HERE. And be sure to send us photographs of your efforts when you inevitably want to give it a go yourself.

– Shots courtesy of Reapervon and Ronnie Hara. Hat tip to

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