Honda’s history on ‘Paper’

PES Films walks us through Honda’s entire automotive and motorsport history. Using paper.

PES Films Honda Paper 05

Four months, in case you’re wondering.

That’s how long it took PES Films to complete its latest video project, ‘Paper’.

The film – which starts with founder Soichiro Honda‘s use of a radio generator to power his wife’s bicycle and reveals Honda’s automotive history thereafter – was first shown during CBS’s NFL coverage on Sunday – and was shot across one large table incorporating thousands upon thousands of paper illustration stitched together. In doing so, the ad also references Honda’s engineering principle: bringing ideas on paper to life.

Fans of ‘The Cog’ and ‘The Other Side‘ will recognise the attention to detail, the fantastic creative approach, and the eye-watering logistical nightmare that such a production must have created (for more info on that, there’s a quick behind the scenes vignette below too). They may also recognise the Civic, the Integra, the new Acura NSX, a Honda-powered IndyCar, the latest Formula 1 McLaren MP4-30 and the company’s ’61-’67 Isle of Man TT winning streak.

And we thought ‘The Impossible Dream’ was as good as it got…

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