Hennessey Performance. Ford GT. Texas Mile. New 430kph Record

Hennessey Performance and Patrick O’Gorman take a modified Ford GT to over 430kph at the Texas Mile, a new record for the venue.


Looks like the guys at Hennessey Performance have been pretty busy as of late. As well as further fine-tuning the awesomely powerful Venom GT and putting its HPE300 Ford Focus ST through its rather unorthodox paces, the Hennessey boys and girls have also just broken the Texas Mile record speed with its modified Ford GT.

Already a record holder at the track with a 263.3mph (around 423.7kph) speed, Mark Heidaker’s Camo GT – which boasts under its bonnet a twin Precision turbocharged 5.4-litre Accufab Racing unit – went several better with Patrick O’Gorman behind the wheel by launching itself to 267.6mph (around 430.7kph) at the Texas Mile in Beeville, nearly ten years after the venue’s first inaugural event.

Given the run of form, the 440kph mark can’t be too far away. Any volunteers?

Source – HPEDesign

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