GTZ & MEGTROC. Drag Night 2013. Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi

Nissan and Infiniti owners clubs – GTZ Motor Club and MEGTROC – hit the Yas Marina dragstrip for quarter mile shenanigans.
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The GTZ Motor Club and MEGTROC Annual Drag Night is a feast of Nissan Motor Company performance weaponry unleashed down the dragstrip – at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi – and while kudos is awarded for ten second or less cars, it isn’t really what the night is all about. With full support from Nissan Middle East, it is a relaxed affair with a crowd of enthusiasts sharing their passion for a single brand.

2013 GTZ Drag

Unfortunately, I couldn’t hook up with the Dubai members for the cruise to Abu Dhabi like I did last year. Instead, I sneaked in late in our new long term practical Prado and parked it away from the Nissan and Infiniti otaku just to be safe. Sure, they are a nice bunch but it’s better being safe than sorry when it comes to brand loyalties and the Toyota was completely outnumbered.

2013 GTZ Drag

Although I had important photography duty to attend to, I did an exact count of how many Nissan and Infiniti faithful had shown up for this year’s event and there were exactly hundreds. Both the GTZ Motor Club and MEGTROC were out in force and reprezentin’ in an event which grows bigger every year.

2013 GTZ Drag

Infiniti G – soon to be Q – and Nissan Z battled it out in a friendly fashion but you really cannot argue with Godzilla grunt. There was a little bit of toying with prey and many a GT-R gave a few seconds start to their opponents. I wasn’t paying too much attention to the quarter mile times but I did see a couple of nine second runs pop up on the display. In the land of Nissan, GT-R is and always will be boss.

2013 GTZ Drag


Thanks to GTZ Motor Club, MEGTROC, Nissan Middle East and Yas Marina Circuit.

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