Gran Turismo RC-Spec. Radio control cars meet GT Sport

*NOW UPDATED WITH BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE* What happens when you mix Gran Turismo Sport with radio control cars? You get Gran Turismo RC-Spec.

You know those ideas that, once said, are both so brilliant yet so simple, you wonder why you hadn’t thought of them already? That’s very much the case with this radio control car version of Gran Turismo Sport (details of which you can find HERE). Kudos creator Alexandre Synger.

Don’t think the above Gran Turismo RC-Spec video is merely a quick-and-easy homage to Sony’s most popular racing games series though. The attention to detail is actually very impressive.

The Gran Turismo RC-Spec intro for instance mirrors the opening to the game, complete with rolling black and white images in the background and a ‘Press Start’ message. From there you’re ‘invited’ to select the car of your choice from a Ford GT-LM edition, Castrol TOM’s Toyota Supra, a Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version, a Dodge Viper GTS-R, and a NISMO GT-R GT3, all with the accompanying ‘bwamp’ of the cursor scrolling side-to-side. Circuit of choice is Armca in Gergovie, France, and there’s just a few detail shots of the track surface and ‘grandstands’ before the green flag drops. Oh, and if you think that Alexandre Synger and his team were about to spoil their hardwork by leaving the RC sound effects in, think again….

You can check out the race start itself at the 1m mark, find out which of the five contenders takes race victory, and why a Metal Gear Solid cameo doesn’t end too well at 2m 55s.

Enjoy this Gran Turismo RC-Spec video? 

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