Geneva ’15. Superluxury. Mercedes-Maybach Pullman

The resurrection of the Maybach name continues with this stretched limo.

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Mercedes is on a roll of resurrecting classic names at the moment. After bringing back the Maybach brand with its top-of-the-line S-Class last year, it’s bringing a second MercedesMaybach model to the Geneva Motor Show next month. The Pullman is a stretched limousine, based on the S-Class, and revives the Pullman name 50 years after perhaps its most famous vehicle, the Mercedes 600.

With a sizeable length of 6.5 metres – more than a metre longer than the MercedesMaybach S-Class – the Pullman is all about the luxury, with what Mercedes calls a “club lounge” in the rear and a plethora of amenities. Up front is for the chauffeur – the action happens in the back, with room for four passengers. Those facing forward get the best deal, thanks to two executive seats with myriad adjustment options, while the other two less important people make do with fold-down jump seats. If you’re too important to share, you can spec your Pullman without the extra, lesser chairs. Head room is up by 10cm over a standard S-Class, and a glass partition means you don’t have to talk to the driver if you don’t want to.

Mercedes hasn’t released full details yet (expect those to come out at the Geneva Motor Show next month) but the top model is the Pullman S600, sporting a 6-litre biturbo V12 and 523bhp.

As for the other features – well, it’s up to the customer, with Mercedes promising plenty of individualisation options, from paint finishes,

Prices start at around $550,000, or more if you want your limo armoured.

The Pullman name originally came from luxurious rail carriages made by the American Pullman Palace Car Company, but was soon applied to Mercedes with extra-long wheelbases and big passenger compartments.

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