Gazoo Racing Toyota 86 GRMN hits Nurburgring

Toyota’s Japanese tuning division puts the retuned 86 GRMN from Gazoo Racing around the Nürburgring

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What if Gazoo Racing – Masters of the Nürburgring – took Toyota’s nimble 86 rear-drive sports coupe, and tuned the balls out of it for the Green Hell? Why, you end up with the 86 GRMN.

The first noticeable aero upgrades are the new front splitter and large rear wing, but what you’ll really want to take note of are the larger 17in wheels – which 8in wide at the rear, 7in at the front – plus retuned suspension. Being ‘born on the Nürburgring’ also means larger ventilated brake discs, six-pot calipers at the front and four at the rear. Beneath the striking carbon fibre bonnet lies a retuned 2-litre boxer four-cylinder now pushing 216hp rather than 200hp, and 160lb ft (217Nm) over the original 151lb ft (205Nm), courtesy – in part – of a new intake and exhaust system. Weight has been trimmed and a closer ratio six-speed manual gearbox has been installed. You can see how each of these pans out on-track in the below video.

Here’s the bad news though. Only 100 examples will be available at $54K a pop, and it’s not expected to be sold outside Japan.

Source – Toyota Gazoo Racing JP

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