Frankfurt 2013. Ferrari 458 Speciale

At the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, Ferrari launches the ‘new’ Speciale, a 597bhp 325kph-capable extreme version of the 458 Italia.

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For those of you looking for an ‘even more focused sports car that offers extreme driving emotions’, we think we may have stumbled across the answer.

That’s a mightily specific ask, and the fact that our solution is a derivation of the 458 Italia – now four years old and very much in the F12berlinetta’s playground – might seem a little odd. But as mentioned the last time the Speciale appeared on crankandpiston, there’s that little matter of 597bhp (35bhp more than when originally launched), 325kph top speed, a 3.0sec 0-100kph time, and a 9.1sec 0-200kph time.

Ah, I see we have your interest.

Maximum torque from the modified 4.5-litre V8 has been beefed up to 398lb ft, part of an upgrade that included redesigned engine compartments, new lightweight pistons and newly optimised crankshafts. Thanks to redesigns of the intakes (infused as this now is with carbon fibre) and exhaust systems, 8kg has been shed from the overall engine weight, which contributes considerably to the Speciale’s 1m 23.5s laptime at Ferrari’s official circuit at Fiorano, some 1.5s faster than the preceding 458.

Newly released details also throw considerably attention to the seven-speed F1 dual clutch transmission, technically advanced Frequency-Shaped SCM-E (Frs SCM-E) dampers, and even the new lightweight windscreen glass. Revised aerodynamics have also aided the 458’s rebirth, one particular nifty element being the two vertical flaps in the front splitter which open at speeds above 170kph to optimise air flow and improve downforce. And for those of you who enjoy the practicalities of a racing-inspired cabin, the glovebox on the Speciale has been replaced with odds and ends pockets, streamlining the interior significantly.

Just when we thought the 458 Italia had no more tricks up its sleeves.

Ferrari 458 Speciale
Engine: V8 / 4497cc
Power:  597bhp @ 9000rpm
Torque:  398lb ft @ 6000rpm
Transmission: Seven-speed F1 dual-clutch transmission
Front suspension: TBC
Rear suspension: TBC
Brakes: 398mm x 223mm x 36mm (front) / 360mm x 233mm x 32mm (rear)
Wheels: 20-inch front and rear
Tyres: 245/35 ZR20 (front) / 305/30 ZR20 (rear)
Weight (dry) 1395kg
0-100kph: 3.0sec
Top speed: 325kph


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