Formula Drift Asia. Melbourne. Good Place To Start

Formula Drift Asia hits the streets of Melbourne for round one. If you’re looking to escape the Dubai heat Mr Al Falasi, this might be a good place to start…


Over the past couple of seasons, we’ve grown accustomed to falling grid numbers threatening the livelihood of motorsport in the Middle East. All hope may not yet be lost though, especially considering the efforts of Motorsport Solutions and Mohammad Al Falasi. Indeed, in an effort to further strengthen Drift UAE – which is due to complete its first official season this weekend – the boss will be heading overseas during the summer to meet with other sporting bodies.

Having seen the latest footage from MLC Productions (aka Mid-Life Crisis), we would possibly suggest to Mr Al Falasi that Melbourne would be a good place to start, the city – most famous in motorsport circles for hosting the Australian Grand Prix – having recently held the opening round of this season’s Formula Drift Asia.

Names on the entry list you might recognise, alongside Frederic Aasbo and Daigo Saito (who kept his winning streak alive in Aus), include one ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett. That’s usually worth five minutes of anybody’s time.

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