Dubai Police Aston One-77. “Is That Your Car Sir?”

Police in Dubai add yet another supercar to their illustrious fleet, the hyper exclusive and desirable Aston Martin One-77.


The drift elite amongst you will no doubt groan when I mention this, but who among you has seen ‘The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift’? I bring it up not for the depth of character development, meticulous attention to drift heritage, and oh-so subtle use of computer generated imagery – of which this particular ‘epic’ had none – but because one line in particular stood out among so many…many others:

“Police cars here are only factory tuned. If you can do better than 180kph, they can’t catch you, so they don’t even try.”


Lucas Black and Sung Kang may want to reconsider this game plan should they set down in downtown Dubai. Twitter boards and instagram have lit up as of late with images of a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, Ferrari FF, Lamborghini Aventador, Bentley Continental GT and Mercedes–Benz SLS AMG decked out in Dubai police colours. Now though, quite incredibly, the boys in mottle green have been bequeathed an even rarer supercar for their Z-Cars collection, an Aston Martin One-77.


Though unconfirmed, images of the government liveried 7.3-litre V12-powered brute – which kicks out 750hp – have exploded across the region’s social media channels. It need hardly be said that this One-77, one of only 77 produced (or one of seven if this, as is rumoured, is a Q-Series model), if official is the most exclusive government vehicle on the planet. Probably.

Quite incredibly, this gift from the Dubai police force’s generous benefactor brings the power of its illustrious fleet to a warrant trembling total of 3812hp at the very least. Hopefully, a slightly less blurry example of the Oscar November Echo 77 will be making its debut this week.


Should you be nailing your specially tuned, brightly coloured quarter-mile special at close to 200kph on the Highway-Formerly-Known-As-Emirates Road, you may want to pay those blues and twos in your rear-view mirror a little more attention.

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