Fastest Nissan R35 GTR In This Part Of The World. E. Kanoo Racing

Husam Tayib-tuned E. Kanoo Racing Nissan R35 GTR hits 268kph on its way to a world record 8.74s quarter mile at the Bahrain International Raceway drag strip, Bahrain.

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Anybody who’s tried launching a Nissan GTR will know that the vertebrae in your neck never really forgive you, and that’s just when we’re talking about the ‘standard’ 545hp 2012 MY brute.

They’ll most certainly get the hump in this Husam Tayib-tuned E. Kanoo Racing R35 GTR, which hits the quarter mile mark in just 8.74s and tops 268kph.

Witness, as the title says, the fastest R35 in this part of the world.

Source – brn996tt

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