Ecurie Ecosse C-type homage series revealed

Historic Scottish racing outfit to build seven new units of the iconic Jaguar

Ecurie Ecosse has revealed a new project, with plans to remanufacture the iconic Jaguar C-type in a series of seven new sister cars to the near-priceless originals. The C-type, noted for its motorsport success in the early 1950s, was a key part of the Ecurie Ecosse racing team’s success, driving its decision to reimagine the iconic racer.

Each of the new units will be built with the same steel space-frame chassis design as the original, but with modern manufacturing techniques streamlining the process while also making the structure stiffer. This space frame is then encased in thin-gauge aluminium bodywork that recreates the original’s supple, Malcom Sayer-designed look.

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Mounted under its flowing form, the new C-type features a freshly built XK straight-six petrol engine but with a larger, 4.2-litre capacity and producing up to 300bhp. Ecurie Ecosse then fits a five-speed manual transmission, rather than the original’s four-speed, which together with the more potent engine enables this contemporary version to reach 100kph in 5.2sec and go on to an estimated top speed of 251kph.

Ecurie Ecosse has also uprated the brakes and suspension with modern components, while the interior fit and finish is now to a standard expected of a hand-built homage, rather than a purpose-built ’50s racer.

The first example has already been completed, with the following six to be manufactured alongside the LM69 recreations at Ecurie Ecosse’s Coventry site. Prices have not been released.

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