Drop-top Ferrari 812 GTS receives Novitec treatment

German tuner Novitec has added its own touch to the drop-top Ferrari 812 GTS

The Ferrari 812 GTS is one of the most exciting supercars on sale right now, an experience dominated by Maranello’s Tipo F140 V12, paired to an open-top body. Yet in an effort to try and enhance even this level of supercar, Novitec has revealed a selection of modifications for the GTS, familiar to its parts available for the hard-top Superfast.

These updates are more subtle than the all-out N-Largo kit available on the Superfast, but still features an array of carbonfibre aerodynamic components. Ranging from a more aggressive front splitter, side skirts and intake surrounds to a three-piece lip spoiler, all components are said to have been tested in a wind tunnel in order to ensure they reduce lift rather than the opposite.

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For now, mechanical modifications are subtle, with Novitec claiming an extra 40bhp and 29lb ft of torque from the addition of a less restrictive exhaust system. Available in both stainless steel and lightweight Inconel, the system helps lift output to 829bhp and 554lb ft of torque when combined with a sports catalytic converter.

Predictably, such gains don’t result in drastic performance improvements, but Novitec does claim a 0-100kph time of 2.8sec, with top speed at 344kph – 0.1sec faster and 5kph up on the factory example. The system’s weight has also taken a tumble, saving around 11kg with the Inconel system.

There are also a set of staggered, lightweight forged wheels made in collaboration with US wheel manufacturer Vossen available in standard, polished or brushed finishes. Front tyre sizes aren’t provided, but chunky 335-section rubber is fitted at the rear.

Elsewhere, buyers can opt for sport springs to lower ride height by 35mm, with an optional front axle hydraulic lift system there to help keep that front splitter in one piece. Enlarged, polished stainless steel or matte black exhaust tips can also be added, as can exhaust valves and gold plating for sound and heat management.

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