“Dr Grant. Welcome…To The Range Rover Sport”. TEASER

Land Rover teases the all-new Range Rover Sport ahead of the model’s debut in New York on 26 March.

I’m not sure why, but whenever a bank of atmospheric lighting turns on in succession and the contents of a freight container remain a mystery to its viewers, my inner child (or idiot) immediately thinks Jurassic Park. There’s even an administrator, clipboard in-hand, confirming that everything is A-Okay who doesn’t seem to have noticed the creature lurking in the background, and emitting a feint roar at the 14s mark.

Now I’ll admit Land Rover, when it was putting this teaser trailer together for the new Range Rover Sport, probably hadn’t read quite as much into it as that. No doubt the team is more concerned with the new model’s debut at the New York International Auto Show, given the success of its fourth generation base model. And just FYI, Land Rover has got you covered if you can’t make the event, since the unveil will be streamed live through this link on 26 March.

Clearly they’ve spared no expense.

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