Cadillac Elmiraj Concept. A crankandpiston special edition

Cadillac unveils the new Elmiraj concept. And we’ve made a couple of subtle changes…

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Sometimes a limited edition model comes along that really grabs your imagination. Note the use of ‘sometimes’, since more often than not these limited edition models include nothing more than a new set of wheels, a stencilled signature, possibly a fluffy set of cushions, and a base price that’s somehow three-times heftier than the original everyday version. Take the newly launched Fiat 500C GQ Edition for example, aimed at male buyers thanks to black alloys and larger air intakes. Does it really get the heartbeat going?

We’re always up for a challenge though. So, with the help of the newly launched Cadillac Elmiraj, allow me to walk you through some special edition tweaks that really would get buyers interested:

– Given the name ‘el mirage’, you’ll find that the closer you get to the crankandpiston special edition model, you’ll find it starts to disappear or change colour.

– Since the concept is as futuristically styled as you could ask for, the steering wheel and pedals have been replaced with a set of joysticks and thrusters. To truly get the feel of a cockpit, an ejector seat has also been installed and the satnav will refer to you as Maverick.

– Measuring 205in in length, the rear axle of the crankandpiston Elmiraj slides out to reveal a second, smaller coupe. The front canopy can now be used for caravanning. Though if you’re a dedicated petrolhead, this is purely for irony’s sake.

– The 4.5-litre turbocharged V8 under the bonnet kicks out 500hp. Press the button marked ‘don’t press this button’ in the cabin and that’ll be hoiked up to 750hp (through magic and/or witchcraft). There’s also an optional V12 crankandpiston Elmiraj, only five of which will be made and will have the ability to take flight aka Mercedes circa 1999.

– The exterior, which exudes ‘power and performance’ will Transform should earth come under attack from Megatron. Vocal work by Leonard Neemoy is an optional extra.

– The striking 22in aluminium wheels will horizontally swivel 90 degrees, allowing you to hover in mid-air if you’re keen to save tyre wear.

– This being a luxury cruiser, a jacuzzi is on standby in the boot, and a bowling alley can be fixed to the roof if you don’t mind throwing in a couple of extra quid.

– There will in the near future be a GQ special edition of the special edition, in which a scantily clad model advertising aftershave and Gillette razors will be sitting in the passenger seat.

It’s been suggested that the Middle East summer heat is starting to have an effect on us, especially whilst wearing a diver’s helmet. Honestly, we can’t see it…

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