ON-BOARD with The Stig. Aston Martin Vulcan

Jump on-board the 820bhp Aston Martin Vulcan with The Stig for a hot lap around the Top Gear test track

Not the first time we’ve posted Top Gear video on the Aston Martin Vulcan, and, buckle up, it probably won’t be the last. While the previous entry saw Astons 820bhp, 360kph, ‘holy shit’ mobile running laps at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi though, this most recent edition returns to the Top Gear test track. And through Stig vision, no less.

A few things to look out for over the next 90 seconds. First, the sound. The now departed DB9, the Vanquish and the excellent DB11 all attest to how brilliant Aston Martin’s V12 soundtrack truly is, but the Vulcan’s maniac pitch takes the almond biscotti, so visceral and emotive are those shrills notes that thunder from the dual titanium exhaust pipes.

Second is the acceleration. Weighing in at 1350kg and packing a naturally aspirated 7-litre V12 producing 820bhp and 575lb ft of torque (compared with 986bhp and 737lb ft for the McLaren P1 GTR, just FYI), the Vulcan was always going to be fast. Stupidly, lunatically, bollock-shrivellingly rapid. But seriously, check out that initial surge of pick-up off the line: were the Stig born with vertebrae rather than a collection of actuators and electrical wire, at least three of them would be throbbing under the strain.

And finally, there’s the handling. Take it away Stig… 

Enjoy this Stig Cam Aston Martin Vulcan video?

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