BMW has always had a canny knack of producing timeless and thought provoking advertising elements. From what you are about to watch to the iconic The Hire campaign that drew on talents such as Guy Ritchie, Madonna and Clive Owen to name but a few.


This time round though it’s all about the ifuture and changing the ilandscape we have become so comfortable with. The combustion engine we are so fond of is getting on a bit. Steel, leather and wood are getting on a bit too. It is those elements of the motor vehicle that BMW are attempting to knock over, re-think and bring back in a more ifuturistic shape with the iBrand.

To stimulate your brain, your thoughts and more importantly your legs to walk you through the door of the nearest BMW showroom, the brand has teamed up with the auteur Director, Gus Van Sant, to take some of automotive advertising’s biggest clichés, self glorifying narrative and lace it with footage of a luxury car in the desert. Somehow all of that has created some of the more beautiful and thought compelling images you’ll see for a while.

This is the new game. The future. And we need to get iUsed to it pretty quick.

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