Awesome images from FIA/FIM European Drag Racing

Long-time supporter Adam Pigott takes in action at a round of the FIM/FIA European Drag Racing Championship. We choose our favourite images from an awesome night.

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Coverage from a round of the FIM/FIA European Drag Racing Championship may seem an odd interruption to our regularly scheduled programming, but there is method to this apparent madness.

Cast your mind back past our last drag racing instalment – which included a little buckled bodywork, one or two fires, and some extreme accidents captured in slow motion – and you may remember The Speed and Art of Letting Go, which followed the emotions (and force) inherent to a sub-ten second quarter mile drag run. The footage showed enormous Hoosier tyres buckling out of shape as shockwaves tore through them, bodywork on the dragster contorting under load mere inches from destruction, and – of course – the eyes of the man who’s split second reactions spell the difference between a perfect run and a slow motion spin into the barriers whilst engulfed in flames. We couldn’t help but dig out the archive when took in a night of race action at Santa Pod.

Those of you keen to see what happens on the European Drag Racing scene can find a round-up video from Santa Pod of the first round below. But for those of you interested to see what life is like behind the scenes on the drag strip, you may want to check out these awesome images and give The Speed and Art of Letting Go another look…

– FULL GALLERY OF SHOTS AVAILABLE HERE – CLICK – Shots courtesy of Adam Pigott

Source – SantaPodTV

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