Audi Piloted Driving. Rise of the Automaton?

Audi are now getting in on the autonomous vehicle bandwagon. We are all doomed…

Audi Piloted Driving

Oh dear. Earlier in the week we were treated to the BMW M235i Prototype, the world’s first self-drifting car. Now it is Audi’s turn to get in on the autonomous actiion with ‘Audi Piloted Parking’. Here is the bumpf –

“Audi’s piloted parking function is offered to the driver when the environmental sensors detect a suitable parking space or garage. The driver can now get out and initiate the parking sequence. Upon reaching its parked position, the car shuts off the engine and locks the doors. The driver receives a confirmation message at the end of the process. The push of a button is likewise all that is required to retrieve the car from the garage or parking space.”

Drivers, there’s no fate but what we make for ourselves. Time to get ahead of the game and send out a protection party for Sarah Connor.

Source – AudiofAmerica

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