Aston Martin Vantage to be revealed next month

Aston Martin’s crucial new Vantage is nearly ready for launch.

It seems like we have been waiting for the new Aston Martin Vantage for an age now. First launched in 2004, the current model has always appealed on aesthetics, but after 13 years it’s now getting a little long in the tooth. Well, we are glad to report the wait for the all-new Vantage is nearly over, with Aston Martin sending out invitiations to the exclusive launch event.

Usually, we wouldn’t get wrapped up in something as trivial as a launch invite, but the image attached does reveal some new details about one of next year’s most exciting new cars. The big one is Aston Martin’s use of a full width rear light bar as seen through the covering sheet. Following the contours of the lipped tail, this is sure to be just one of many new detailing features Marek Reichman and his team will introduce on the new Vantage.

Wisely, Reichman and his team have moved the new Vantage further away from its bigger DB11 brother, adopting the shark-nosed grille of the one-off DB10 seen in the James Bond, combined with a tighter, more compact body. The DB11’s contentious floating roof strakes look to be missing from underneath the camouflaged wrap, as is the front wheelarch vent. 

As with the DB11, the new Vantage will benefit from Aston Martin’s relationship with Mercedes-Benz (the two work together on powertrain development and the latter owns a five per cent share in the former), but unlike the V12 it will go beyond the use of infotainment systems and unseen electronic aids and will include AMG’s hot-vee twin-turbocharged 4-litre V8 engine. 

Sticking with the capacity as used by AMG in the likes of the C and E63, and GTsportcars car, the new Vantage is expected to arrive with circa 500bhp allowing the range to grow with ever more powerful derivatives. AMG already squeezes nigh on 600bhp from the same engine, which should be plenty for the Vantage S model, while a V12 Vantage is also expected to arrive later in the model’s life cycle, along with a roadster. Later this year Aston Martin will also launch the DB11 V8 in preparation for the arrival of Bentley’s new Continental GT.

Aston is expected to offer both a manual and auto gearbox with its new Vantage, the former a six-speed the latter at least an eight-speed and also sourced from AMG. Expect a low 4sec 0-100kph time and a 306kph plus maximum.

With the outgoing V8 Vantage currently starting at $124,730 Aston Martin ownership is likely to be a six-figure buy when the car is available to order later in the year.

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