Aston Martin Valkyrie. Interior and Exterior secrets revealed.

After further development on the Aston Martin Valkyrie, we finally get to see the final production model. Inside, out.

This could be by far the most extreme road-going hypercar that I’ve ever seen, looking close to an LMP1 car. I have no idea how Aston combined so much aerodynamic elements while keeping the design looking brilliant.

Here are some of the main points to keep an eye for in the Valkyrie:

  • The Valkyrie will have cameras instead of side view mirrors. They will be fed to displays at the bottom of each A pillar.
  • There is no rear view mirror, because there is no rear window!
  • The seats are mounted directly to the tub.
  • Will use a “feet up” seating position similar to a F1 car.
  • The biggest change in the design of this version is the wider openings between the cockpit and the wheel arches.
  • The dash will be very simple. Most controls will be on the wheel or OLED display
  • The car features a roof mounted air intake.
  • A 4 point harness comes standard. A 6 point harness will be optional.

What Aston Martin are doing has taken things to a completely different level of insanity. One comment on Reddit caught my attention and really got me laughing, but is on-point by Mancaveaccount:

“If you told me it was a McLaren, of Lamborghini, or Koenigsegg, even a Pagani I don’t I would bat an eye.

But for Aston Martin, who makes such mature & regal cars, this Valkyrie is like your dad saying he’s going to cut his hair into a Mohawk and I’m just like “ya, that’s a radical thought. Okay, whatever* but, next thing you know, he’s already shaved the sides of his head and he’s heading to the store to buy styling gel and now I’m just like wooow, okay, this is actually happening, huh….”

I do know that there is one confirmed car arriving soon to the UAE, to Abu Dhabi specifically. Will we see it on the road though? We’ll see about that.

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