Alpine Alpenglow concept lights the brand’s way forward

The future of Alpine, on both road and track, is previewed by the cross-genre Alpenglow concept

Keen to begin its transformation towards a more environmentally conscious future, Alpine has revealed a cross-genre concept that previews various elements we’ll see on its future road and racing models. Called the Alpenglow, the single-seat concept is part endurance racer and part F1 car, powered by a hydrogen combustion powertrain. It will be revealed to the public at the Paris motor show later this month.

The concept’s form is inspired by a modern endurance racer, something not dissimilar to the LMDh car it will enter in the World Endurance Championship from 2024. Unlike the racer, though, the Alpenglow concept doesn’t burn petrol, rather liquid hydrogen in a pure combustion powertrain that produces drive without any harmful emissions. Hydrogen combustion engines have been in development for decades, and through slow but consistent advances the technology is once again entering the conversation as motorsport continues to explore ways of decarbonising.

The Alpenglow’s powertrain defines the concept’s packaging as a result, with the central driver’s position flanked by two liquid hydrogen-filled canisters. The chassis is constructed largely from recycled carbonfibre, a material that Alpine says will be a core component of its future road cars, while its body and aero devices have been designed within the principles of biomimicry, which takes direct inspiration from natural materials.

While a hydrogen combustion engine won’t find a home in future Alpine road cars, some of the design motifs, including its snowflake wheels and new interpretation of four-element headlights will. Concept car highlights, including the changing opacity of its bodywork and aero devices, are tinsel to the Alpenglow’s overall form. 

Until Alpine’s future road car expansion materialises, concept cars like this are a reminder of the momentum behind the brand within the Renault conglomerate. With the brand keen to stake its claim in a cleaner high performance car marketplace of the future, concepts like the Alpenglow are just as important as its F1 and WEC campaigns in reminding people what Alpine is, and what it will be capable of.

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