2022 Alpine A110 revealed – new A110 GT and sharper A110 S headline changes

Key updates for the range to further broaden the range and further focus top-spec A110 S

Alpine has revealed its substantially updated A110, more acutely defining the range into three variants made up from the existing base A110, a new A110 GT and a harder, sharper A110 S. Key hardware remains the same, retaining the turbocharged 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine and seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, but the changes instead aim to give each model more of a defined character.

Starting at the top, the new A110S has been given a thorough overhaul in terms of its chassis setup which aims to more definitively separate the S from its less focused models. This starts with new springs which are 50 percent stiffer than the outgoing units, paired to recalibrated dampers. The anti-roll bars are now 100 per cent stiffer while also being lighter thanks to a new hollow construction, there are new hydraulic bump stops, and the body now sits 4mm lower on its uprights. 

The basic 18-inch forged wheel and tyre package is unchanged, but in addition to the standard Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres are a set of more aggressive Cup 2s, that can be optioned alongside a new carbonfibre ‘Aero Pack’ that increases downforce by a relatively subtle 141kg at its 273kph top speed. The 320mm front discs with four-pot Brembo calipers remain, and there’s also a new exposed carbonfibre roof option that strips a further 1.9kg from the kerb weight. 

The powertrain is mechanically identical, but has been given a software tweak that Alpine says makes the engine more enthusiastic in the upper reaches of its rev-band. Peak power is still at 296bhp, but it now arrives later at 6300rpm. Torque remains at 250lb ft – a figure capped by the wet-clutch DCT – so performance is therefore unchanged compared to the previous S in reaching 100kph in 4.2sec, although the top speed has been liberated from its artificial limiter, now reaching 273kph.

Weights have very marginally increased by 38kg to 1140kg, but it’s still a relative featherweight, especially when compared to the albeit larger Porsche 718 Cayman and new Lotus Emira

From here, the new A110’s midrange is now occupied by a fresh GT model, which pairs the S’s high output powertrain with the base A110’s more supple, road-focused chassis. The GT model will take up the place of the current Legende model, offering a more sophisticated and marginally more refined everyday package. The base A110 retains its previous specification, including the 247bhp powertrain. 

All 2022 models pick up a new infotainment system too, as well as a fresh colour palette. Alpine’s Atelier program is still in operation, with the extra 22 colours still available alongside further wheel and brake caliper options. 

The new A110 will go on sale from December 1st, starting at $66,708 for the A110, $79,340 for the A110 GT and topping out at $80,195 for the A110 S. From here the Alpine range should quickly expand, with the name due to be applied to Renault’s next-generation performance models as part of a phase-out of the RenaultSport brand and the push towards Alpine becoming a performance and motorsport brand as it competes in F1 and Le Mans. 

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