Alfa Romeo 4C. Italian Two-Seater Hits The Mid-West

The new Alfa Romeo 4C breaks cover with typical Italian flare and panache. In the American mid-west.


When you hear the plucking of acoustic guitar strings on the opening to a video, joined as it is by a time-lapse shot of the sun rising and falling over the sun-based plains of America, your first thought probably isn’t the new Alfa Romeo 4C. Alongside Ferrari and Maserati, Alfa is as Italian as cannelloni and Super Mario, and while a gondola rolling past in the background might be getting a bit too carried away, the sight of (apparently) Daisy Duke and the church from Kill Bill Part II doesn’t quite get that European-ness across.

Then again, considering the US is a market they’re clearly looking to climb back into after pulling out in 1995, you can kind of see why. Consequently, we’ve foregone the Cornetto in favour of the stenson and a cheeseburger at crankandpiston for the second viewing.

Source – AlexPianetAlfa

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