A 500hp NA Flat-Six is Singer and Williams collaboration’s first outcome.

A piece of artistic engineering that is guaranteed to make anyone who looks at it drool excessively, so grab some tissues before reading.

After taking a performance research study with Williams Advanced Engineering, Singer has taken the 911 engine to a completely different level, way beyond restoration. A new engine to set new benchmarks, with state of the art engineering.

The Engine

A naturally-aspirated, air-cooled flat-six 4.0 litre engine, four valves per cylinder and four camshafts, producing 500hp.
The engine speed could go beyond 9,000rpm so you could imagine the screaming that this engine will be making.

The first render pictures went online today morning, and we couldn’t just not admire how it looks, especially with the air intakes mounted showing full carbon fiber porn.

The lucky person to get this engine in his car first is Scott Blattner, who is a long-term Singer customer and the engine will be going to a 1990 Porsche 911 that is currently being restored.

More in depth details about the engine:

  • 500HP
  • Four-valve cylinder heads
  • Engine speed range extended beyond 9,000 rpm
  • Dual-oil circuits
  • Cylinders and pistons with titanium con-rods
  • Aluminum throttle bodies with carbon fiber trumpets
  • Upper and lower injectors for improved performance
  • A carbon fiber air-box with active multi-stage resonator chamber for mid-range torque optimization
  • Inconel and titanium exhaust system optimized for thermal performance
  • CFD optimized and enlarged engine cooling fan
  • Ram air induction system with pressure recovery in intake plenums
  • Lightweight materials, including titanium, magnesium and carbon fiber are used extensively to reduce component mass and vehicle weight.

We certainly can’t wait to see the engine running or at least hear it. All we could do now is keep an eye for the next update from Singer.

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