500bhp, twin-engined Mini Cooper. Jay Leno’s Garage

Take a regular, front engined Mini Cooper, and pop another engine in the boot. Double the power, double the fun.

Twin-engined Mini Cooper Jay Leno

The standard Mini Cooper is a fun car. This particular model, belonging to Jacques Andres, has 250bhp from a supercharged 1.6-litre at the front – it doesn’t hang about. But for Jacques, that wasn’t enough. So he put a second Mini engine in the back. Each starts individually, but are controlled by the same throttle and if one blows up on the race track, you still have a second one to finish the race. The result is Porsche-destroying power for a fraction of the cost.

Jacques took his rather excellent Mini to Jay Leno’s Garage to explain how it all works. Engineering fans, fill your boots.

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