The 2018 Rolls Royce Phantom VIII makes everything else look basic

With a starting price of 1.8 Million Derhams ($500,000 USD), you shouldn’t be worried about anything else being more luxurious..

When you have a successful car model like the Phantom VII lasting 14 years, that’s way more than just an accomplishment. The number is too shocking, that it makes you feel old. Now closing up to 2018, Rolls-Royce introduces the all-new Phantom VIII (8). On paper, we believe that it’s more of an evolution than a revolution, but being based on what received the title of “Best Car in the World”, it should be exceeding everyone’s expectations.

There are overall changes with the new model, from visual to mechanical to things more deeper like the platform and structure itself. They changed something in everything (almost). To elaborate, let me mention the changes we know of and then the things we see similar..


From the outside, the side profile and rear are the only similarities when compared to the old model, where the front received a new hand-polished grill, new headlights with new laserlight tech giving up to 600-meters of range, the bonnet is now more round than straight edged and is higher than before. The Spirit of Ecstasy remains untouched BUT it gets more facial details.

Interior wise, Rolls-Royce launches the new ‘Gallery’ where you could customize OR select a pre-made artwork to go on the dashboard on the passenger side. This could be one of the most exclusive and bespoke additions to luxury. You could do the Dubai skyline for example, or a picture of yourself? If you’re planning to keep the car forever, then why not?

The front center console looks different with a raised platform for the infotainment controls, and minor changes to the steering wheel but everything else visually looks the same.


The new Phantom receives a brand new Aluminum ‘Architecture of Luxury’ which maintains Rolls-Royce’s brand identity in terms of structure. That reduced its weight, increased its stiffness by 30% and is claimed to be 10% quieter for better ride comfort. I don’t know what Rolls-Royce means by “better”, as the last Rolls-Royce I stepped in felt like a yacht cruising on clouds.

An all new 6.75 Litre V12 Twin-Turbo Engine that pushes 563bhp, but wait for it …. 900nm of torque starting at only 1,700 rpm! Being a turbo engine, I’m not sure if the new turbos being used are so small that it can give this much torque at such low engine RPMs, or if Rolls Royce met with the spirits of power and made some sort of a deal.

It’s an air suspension, attached to a double-wishbone front axle, 5-link rear axle, with decreased body roll and increased agility, in addition to the four-wheel steering system.

Lastly, some head-tiling facts:

  • The new Phantom is so heavily noise insulated, that the 6mm double layer insulation itself weighs 130 Kgs.
  • Specially developed tires have foam layers inside the tire cavity, reduce tire road noise by 9db.
  • The pre-ordered cars will start being delivered by end of this year, but if you buy one now, you’ll MAYBE get it early next year. This year’s batch is all sold.

So now that you’re aware of what changed, do you think this model will also stay around for the next 14 years?

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