Rolls-Royce Phantom II debuts – the ultimate luxury experience on four wheels

There are luxury cars, and then there’s the new Phantom II and its unmatched opulence

Rolls-Royce has revealed a mildly updated version of its Phantom, debuting subtle new design elements inside and out that build on the opulence it’s so well known for. Compared to rivals from Bentley or Maybach, the Rolls-Royce Phantom operates at a different level of luxury, something this update will only emphasise.

First of all, though, the fundamentals remain unchanged – this means it still uses Rolls’ bespoke aluminium architecture with a twin-turbocharged 6.75-litre V12 taking care of propulsion, which still hits the rear wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission of the smoothest disposition. Peak figures are also the same, 563bhp at 5000rpm and a stout 664lb ft of torque from just 1700rpm. These might sound like big numbers, but thanks to an astonishing weight figure of 2560kg it’ll take a languid 5.3sec to reach 100kph, or 5.4sec for the 2610kg extended wheelbase edition. 

Some of you might have expected the next Phantom to include some level of hybrid or all-electric variant, and while we are on the precipice of Rolls-Royce’s electrification with the new EV Spectre coupe, for now the Phantom will retain its appetite for hydrocarbons, with a shift to battery power expected a little further down the line. 

The actual changes are almost all aesthetic, and take the Phantom’s regal design elements in a cleaner and more contemporary direction. This starts with the iconic Pantheon grille, which has been very carefully reprofiled by the front plate now terminating at the top edge of the vertical vanes, rather than leaving a radiused opening that created a softer, less technical appearance. The grille itself can now be optioned in a dark chrome finish, and can also be illuminated like the flying lady that adorns its apex. 

The headlights are also new, with new laser-cut perforations creating a highly detailed and complex starlight pattern within the headlight casing. This changes the previous Phantom’s distinctive daytime running light signature, which is now made up from a simpler eyebrow that aligns with the grille’s horizontal top edge. Other brightwork elements like the bonnet finishers, windscreen surround and glasshouse trim finishers are also now available in a dark finish for the first time.

Two new wheel options are available, both in a 21-inch wheel size. The first is a technical seven-spoke design featuring complex milled and diamond-cut elements that give the Phantom a more contemporary look (one we expect to see more of in the new Spectre), while the other is a classic plate wheel referencing the opulent aesthetic of Rolls-Royce’s models from the 1920s.

Inside, Rolls-Royce has thickened the steering wheel rim ever so slightly, and is offering a new season of interior finishes and materials, including fresh internal options for the unique ‘Gallery’ that crowns the dashtop. Such an emphasis on ultimate luxury does mean most Phantoms leave the Goodwood facility with at least some level of bespoke inclusions, something that is no different with this refresh. 

Prices of the previous started at $443,000 before any options or bespoke elements, a price that we expect will rise marginally when order books open for this updated variant.

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