2014 FIA Formula E. Beijing Teaser. Michelin

FIA Formula E is being hailed as the new generation of motorsport. Will you be watching the first race in Beijing?

Formula E

The first round of the new FIA Formula E series kicks off in Beijing, China, on Saturday 13th of September and it is probably best that we put aside any preconceived notions and tune in to watch the race before judging. It is, after all, the probable future of motorsport and the single biggest change in proceedings that has ever occurred since a dude in a horseless carriage wanted to get ahead of another dude in a horseless carriage and motor racing was born.

Nothing more to be said really. Here is the 2014 FIA Formula E Beijing Teaser and another video of the last pre-season testing at Donington. Um, turn up your speakers and enjoy?

Source – Michelin Passion

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