2000hp Texas Godzilla Nissan GT-R R35

With enough power to rupture both your spleen and your eyeballs, this 2000hp Texas Godzilla Nissan GT-R is gunning for a new quarter mile record.

“When you’re in the car, you’re in this zone. You feel safe as can be because you’re in this little capsule. And then, everything just happens. The car will pull over 2Gs on a launch, and it’s still pulling 1G well into third gear.”

The words of Tony Palo, owner of  and star of this insight from japanmotorhead into a purpose-built 2000hp Nissan GT-R. And if you’re raising your eyebrows sceptically and denouncing the above statement as ‘utter bollocks’, then we recommend you check out the dyno run that starts this video and, more specifically, the performance that goes with it…

…this is some serious, SERIOUS power being dealt with: the quarter mile is ravaged in just 7.38 seconds, and top speed – thus far – is a dizzying 376kph. And it’s not like Tony and the T1 crew are finished yet.

Since their early days of custom Hondas in 2005, T1 has overhauled the GT-R’s 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 (stock block but custom pistons, turbochargers and aluminium rods) in pursuit of records. Capable of a record 2276hp, the ‘Texas Godzilla’ already holds the half-mile record at 235.6mph (376kph). Next up is the quarter mile, which the GT-R already ravages at 7.38 seconds. And for Tony, this is just the beginning of the Nissan’s potential.

“When it comes to something on the street, there’s nothing that compares with the GT-R,” Tony continues. “We can make 1500hp that’s daily driven where [the driver] can use every bit of it. By comparison a Corvette that makes 1000hp…well, firstly it’s rare, and second it doesn’t go anywhere because you can’t get the power down. The GT-R is just a great platform if you want to go fast.”

You can check out how the Texas Godzilla handles the drag strip at the 3m 40s mark, and you might also want to check out GT Channel’s behind the scenes footage below.

Enjoy this 2000hp Texas Godzilla video?

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