RAUH-Welt Begriff. Prince. Behind the scenes

In this latest outing from Krispy Media, Akira Nakai travels to Philadelphia, US, to begin work on his next RAUH-Welt Begriff project: Prince

You’re all familiar with Akira Nakai and RAUH-Welt by now, not least because crankandpiston.com has seen and experienced the man’s work up close in the Middle East – twice – but also because documentaries chronicling his process number in the thousands by now. And yes, we’ve got another one for you.

This particular video is up for a 2016 London Motoring Film Festival award (last one for today, promise) and documents the build of the first RAUH-Welt Begriff project in Philadelphia, USA. An obscure link perhaps, but it’s the enthusiasm of not only Nakai-San himself but also owner Ben Harmony that really pulls this video together. That and the awesome camera work and soundtrack.

First up we’re introduced to Ben and the reasons behind this RWB project – “I like Porsche, I’ve always liked them, but I love Nakai transforms each of his cars into something unique” – before being given a walkthrough of the RWB process, cigarette breaks and cutting from memory, et al. Of course no RAUH-Welt video would be complete without an in-car spin in the finished product. In this case Prince, Nakai-San having decided – rather tragically – to drop the ‘Fresh’ altogether.

Now chances are some of you will already have seen Prince, so you might be more interested in watching Krispy Media’s behind the scenes video. Across nearly 20 minutes, we follow the crew during location scouting, get an insight into the ‘glamour’ involved with cement factory photoshoots, and see exactly what goes into those epic rolling shots.

Enjoy this RAUH-Welt Begriff Prince video?

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