1959 Bianchina. Petrolicious. An Unconventional Choice

Petrolicious takes a close look at a 1959 Bianchina in Rimini, Italy, to find out what it is about the super mini that makes people smile.


Considering some of the models that have already made their respective bows – the BMW Isetta 300, Fiat 500D, Alfa Giulia and Morris Minor Panel Van to name but a few – ‘An Unconventional Choice’ may seem an odd name for the latest video from Petrolicious. Though saying that, it’s probably safe to assume few of you thought the latest video would star a 1959 Bianchina.

The owner, Ms Annalisa Maniscalco, first found the car two years ago in her father’s expansive collection. Deciding against more desirable and/or more powerful vintage models available, Annalisa opted instead for the sub-500cc super mini simply because ‘it makes people smile’.

No arguments there.

Source – Petrolicious

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