VIDEO. 1000bhp+ ‘ Vicious ‘ 1965 Ford Mustang. Jay Leno

‘ Vicious ‘ 1965 Ford Mustang produces more than 1000bhp to the wheels, and pays Jay Leno’s Garage a visit

“Holy sweet Christ”, are the words you are currently fumbling for as your lower jaw hits the linoleum. Because this Ford Mustang. Is Evil.

Let’s get to the juicy bits. Dubbed ‘ Vicious ’ for almost sarcastically obvious reasons, this 1965 Ford Mustang is custom-built by Timeless Kustoms in California, USA, give or take a smidge of influence from Ken Block’s Hoonicorn. Power to the wheels exceeds 1000bhp, courtesy of Ford’s performance 5.1-litre V8, twin precision turbochargers, AND a Magnuson TVS supercharger that produces 26psi of charge pressure. All mated to a six-speed sequential gearbox. 

Turbo and supercharged. This thing could actually reverse time if you spin the rear wheels hard enough. And as a clumsily-paraphrasing of the well-known MCU quote goes, with great power comes a stupidly epic wide bodykit (RIP Uncle Ben).

The original ’65 roof panel has been ripped out in its entirety on Vicious to create that Fastback look, the independent suspension – sourced from a C7 Corvette – has been slammed eight ways to buggery, and those new 19in Forgeline centrelock alloys are clad with the same Kumho performance rubber you’d find on a SRT Viper ACR (305/30 ZR19 at the front, 355/30 ZR19 at the rear just FYI). Complete the new look with a custom Magnaflow exhaust, a Ferrari F430 inspired rear end diffuser, and a new carbon ceramic brake kit. Oh, and a new red interior.

No, seriously. Only the Kool-Aid guy offers a more vibrant shade of claret. Everything, from the rollcage, three-spoke Sparco steering wheel, and even the aluminium pedals, are red, to give the Vicious Mustang one final cornea-rupturing talking point.

Hardly surprising that such a monster build eventually made its way to Jay Leno’s Garage, where, before a spin in the utterly unhinged lunatic, he speak with Timeless Kustoms’ Jason Pecikonis on the build. Should Jason have missed any key details, you can find a full overview on the team’s official website HERE 

Enjoy this ‘ Vicious ’ 1965 Ford Mustang video? 

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