X-Games. Detroit Makes It’s Pitch

Detroit, home to Super Bowl XL, is now making a pitch for an X-Games calendar spot.


The four-wheeled fanatics amongst you may think ‘Detroit’ (for reasons not overly clear) and immediately have images of muscle cars, stonking V12s, tyre squealing quarter miles sprints between red lights, and a night in the slammer for failing to see the local filth – possibly in their Aston Martin One-77s – in your rear-view mirror.

You’re probably less likely to think of the X-Games, but given the clout this extreme sports program boasts across the globe since debuting in 1995 (with Red Bull athletes proving key additions to the entry lists), the city that has bid for the Olympic Games on seven different occasions is now pushing hard for a spot on the X-Games calendar.

To show how serious they are, XGamesDetroit has brought together BMX riders, skateboarders, freestyle motocross riders, a helicopter and a parking lot barrier that’s perilously close to a Ford ST windscreen travelling at more than 60kph (1m 40s) to make this vignette.

KTM/Red Bull star Tadeuesz Blazusiak will be pleased…

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