Wrench. The VR videogame you and your kids need to be playing.

The mechanical automotive game you’ve all been waiting for is in the making, and it looks mindblowing.

An ex-videogame artist quit his job so he can achieve his dreams in making his own game, and he’s doing it right. I came across Alec Moody’s reddit post earlier today, where he is showcasing his first video trailer for the game he has been working on – Wrench.

Wrench is a virtual reality game where you will be in the gloves of a mechanic, having to assemble and disassemble car parts, whether you were experienced or not, this is definitely fun to do. In the video above, you can find yourself assembling the front end of a car on a frame, including control arms, coilovers and brakes assembly in details, including screws and bushings.

“This just shows the core mechanics of assembly and disassembly.”, said Alec. “The actual game will be focused on preparing cars for motorsports, will involve some kind of shop management aspect, and I want the game to be heavy on diagnosis and problem solving.”.

Is there more?

For tools to be used, there will be ratchets, combination wrenches, impact tools, pry bars, torque wrenches, a shop press, and more. Engine building and modifications were also confirmed to come later on, which gives an idea on how flexible and upgradable the game is.

When is it out?

Release date of the game is not mentioned, but I believe it will take some time (and $upport) to get the final product ready. A non-VR version will also be planned, but I’d strongly recommend going for the whole virtual reality experience, at least you won’t get your fingers jammed in actual car parts.

We wish Alec all the best as what he’s doing could definitely be life changing. A game that I’d want my kids to play rather than shooting birds off of a giant slingshot.

You could follow Wrench’s updates on Digital Mistake which is the game’s development blog.

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