VIDEO. 900bhp Red Bull Truck World Record. Bryce Menzies

Red Bull athlete Bryce Menzies breaks a world record by soaring 115m (379.4 ft) in the air aboard a 900bhp Pro 2 Off-road Truck above a frontier ghost town located in New Mexico. With a broken shoulder

Overall, breaking a Guinness World Record must have been a bittersweet experience for Bryce Menzies. Soaring 115m (379.4 ft) in the air in a 900bhp Pro 2 Off-road Truck meant the Las Vegas-native shattered the previous record, but he nevertheless walked away with a broken shoulder.

Ironically, the bone-snapping accident only occurred after the three-time Baja 500 winner had cemented himself in the record books, his 115m run eclipsing the previous best of Tanner Foust who flew 92m (301 ft) aboard a Hot Wheels-liveried Truck at the 2011 Indianapolis 500.

Not content with his run, despite six months of preparation, Bryce Menzies was keen to put his newly established benchmark even further beyond reach. Live on Red Bull TV. It ended with heavily dented bodywork and completed knackered suspension, though McKenzie himself walked away comparatively unscathed. The setting for the stunt – an abandoned frontier ghost town located in New Mexico – suddenly feels all the more ominous when considering what might have been.

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Enjoy this Bryce Menzies leap of well-powered faith?

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