VW Gems. What Puts The ‘Love’ In the Bug

Surprise surprise, we’ve stumbled across another VW meet. And yes, the guest of honour is the classic VW bug, be it with slammed suspension, a new aerokit, or a set of tyres that wouldn’t look out of place on a soviet tractor.


But to their owners, these sixties hippy mini-wagons are ‘gems’. Examples of the motoring world long since extinct but far from forgotten. Take a look at the ‘Peace’ logo on one bug, the Coca-Cola influenced livery on another, and the small stand selling wood carved VW emblems at El Bug-O in El Paso, and you’ll get an idea why the Beetle has retained its character and its desirability.

Just ask crankandpiston’s own Phil McGovern. He went and bought one, and put a lot of work into modding it. But, we doubt any of our loyal massive would be interested in a write-up on that……

Source – Jam Bi

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