Volvo’s new crossover… saloon? S60 Cross Country

Like a saloon, but higher.

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Just when you thought every niche in the car world had been filled, Volvo comes up with a new one – the crossover saloon. The S60 Cross Country basically puts an S60 saloon on Cross Country running gear, for reasons we haven’t yet fathomed. Still, we’re sure they know what they’re doing.

Due to be revealed at this month’s Detroit Motor Show, the S60 Cross Country takes after its sibling, the V60 Cross Country estate, and boasts a ride height jacked up by 65mm over the standard S60, as well as all-wheel drive option. Depending on the market, it’ll initially boast choice of four or five-cylinder diesel engines or a 2.5-litre, 250bhp petrol turbo unit.

In fairness, the S60 Cross Country isn’t a massive leap from the jacked up estate trend – witness vehicles like the Volvo V70 Cross Country,  the Audi A4 and A6 All Road models, and the Subaru Legacy Outback, which have been around for years. We can’t really see the point of having slightly less boot space in the S60 Cross Country, but we’ll see what the public reaction is when it launches in July.

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