Volvo Trucks T-shirts. Swedish Fashion

Volvo Trucks launches a new range of t-shirts and polo shirts based on the company’s newly launched FMX construction trucks.


We’re not sure which between Volvos, trucks or arm wrestling Scandinavians are the rarest creatures on, but our latest threads piece manages to include all three.

Volvo Trucks has recently launched a new range of bespoke t-shirts, hooded tops, polo shirts and iPhone cases called Volvo Trucks Driver Gear FMX. The snappy title is a nod to Volvo’s latest heavy construction-capable model, the FMX. And while your heavy-duty 540hp earth movers may not be your go-to t-shirt inspiration, the hook speaks for itself.


The collection comes as part of Volvo’s new partnership with nine-time arm wrestling champion Heidi Andersson. Swedish born and still only 33 years old, Heidi has lost the crown only six times since 1999, has taken five silver and three bronze world championship medals, and also won the European Championship twice in 1999 and 2008. If you’re intrigued to see Heidi’s form, check out the video below or sign on for her training programme developed together with Volvo Trucks.


As for the various threads Heidi will be sporting from hereon in, they are now available through the Volvo Truck website following their debut at the Comtrans truck show in Moscow, Russia, earlier this month.

Just remember to keep your elbows on the table when you wear them.

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