Import Bible. Series 9. Summer is HERE

Another summer, another automotive-themed range of t-shirts and a beautiful model from Import Bible. For our longer term readers, no doubt you’ll already be familiar with David Nguyen’s work and will even now be pawing at the direct debit account for this summer’s ‘Series 9’. For those of you who aren’t though…

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Deep Dish


As we learnt from the legendary Akira Nakai when he swung by Dubai (twice), the best way to measure a modified bodykit is with a pack of cigarettes, hence the logo on this ‘Deep Dish’ (read ‘slammed’) number.

S License


The sheer number of Vision Concepts to have rolled off the virtual production belt from SRT, Alpine, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi and Mercedes among others must surely have encouraged most of you to dig out either your retro ’97 copy for the PS1 or dig deep for the latest GT6. Either way, you’ll still have to get that S Licence before the game will allow you to nail Fuji Speedway in a Ferrari FXX.

Import Bible Devil Z-4

Devil Z


For those of you unfamiliar with the Wangan Midnight manga series, take the Plymouth Fury from Stephen King’s Christine, replace with a Datsun Fairlady Z, and rename ‘Devil Z’. Then purchase t-shirt and accompanying keychain.



Can anybody name the last time a Mitsubishi took a World Rally Championship victory?


…okay, time’s up. It was an Evo 6 – the last built on the CP9A platform – run under the Marlboro Ralliart banner, and took the chequered flag with four-time legend Tommi Mäkinen on the 2001 Safari Rally

Import Bible Top Down-1



‘Work in progress’. As we found out recently with our project build Jeep Wrangler Sport, this is an oft-used phrase. And by the way, we’re still waiting for suggestions for our next build…

Top Down


Steady on class, steady on. This name does not refer to a wardrobe malfunction for model Vicki Li, but rather the Honda S2000, arguably the company’s greatest soft top roadster which enjoyed a 10-year production run before the plug was pulled in 2009.

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