Volvo pays homage to its estate heritage

To celebrate the upcoming V90, Volvo is paying homage to its estate history.

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Volvo is recognising its estate history in celebration of its new V90 estate model, which is set to be revealed later this month.

The V90 is a car that benefits from more than 60 years of estate building heritage, which first began with the Volvo Duett back in 1953. Since then, Volvo has sold more than six million estates worldwide, representing around a third of the total number of Volvos sold since the company’s foundation in 1927.

That’s more than half a century rolled up in one 7m video. And yes, there’s plenty of touring car footage…

Source – Volvo Cars

Model Year introduced Significance
Duett 1953 One of the first Volvos to be exported to the United States. Immortalised in 1997 by getting its own Swedish postage stamp
Amazon (or 221) 1962 A more elegant and refined estate which had its origins as a delivery van. The American-style two-split version would return 40 years later on the original XC90.
1800 ES 1971 A huge rear window that had no bezel whatsoever. Hinges and handles were fixed directly to the glass.
245 1974 Remained in production for almost 20 years until 1993. The 1980s marked the launch of the 245 Turbo Edition.
960 1990 Final rear-wheel-drive development of the 700 series. Name was changed to the V90 in 1996 which returns 20 years later.
850 T5-R 1994 took Europe’s racing scene by storm when it debuted in the British Touring Car Championship.

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