THROWBACK THURSDAY. Volvo 850 T5-R. Racing around the estate

THROWBACK THURSDAY. 850 T5-R: The best Volvo estate ever? 

Volvo 850 Turbo-3

Volvo has been paying tribute to its rich legacy of estate cars this week, so to pay tribute to their tribute on Throwback Thursday, we’re jumping back more than 20 years to one of the coolest racing cars ever.

Back in the ‘90s, Volvos weren’t the sophisticated, stylish machines they are today. They were boxy mum-mobiles, and a byword for boredom. And then in 1994, Volvo and race team TWR entered two 850 T5-R Estates into the British Touring Car Championship. Clad in awesome blue and white livery, with hotshoes Rickard Rydell and Jan Lammers behind the wheel, they became instant crowd favourites. And here’s why.

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