Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR Concept revealed at Wörthersee

A concept car in name only, VW’s Golf GTI TCR Concept will reach showrooms in late 2018

Volkswagen has revealed its new harcore GTI TCR Concept model at the Wörthersee show in Austria. But you can ignore the concept tag as we’ll be seeing it in VW showrooms later this year.

Wörthersee is one of the world’s biggest single-make car shows, and like every year, VW brings a selection of concepts to whet the appetites of enthusiasts at the show and beyond. The new GTI TCR Concept is just such a car, but in VW’s words is ‘very near production’. 

The new TCR’s recipe is one we have seen before: take a Golf GTI and turn up the performance wick. As proven with the previous Golf GTI Clubsport and Clubsport S, this often resulted in a brilliant mix of GTI usability with an added bump in performance and capability. The new GTI TCR should be little different, featuring a 286bhp version of the same EA888 2-litre turbocharged engine (44bhp up on the current GTI Performance).

Unlike the previous Clubsport, however, the TCR’s close-quarter connection to the Golf GTI TCR racing car means that Volkswagen will only offer a seven-speed DSG automatic gearbox, and not the slick-shifting manual previously offered on the Clubsport.

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