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Vintage Electric Bikes is a young company blending classic design aesthetic hard wired with modern electric technology.
Vintage Electric Bikes

Silicon Valley is a strange place inhabited by odd folk that build awesome computery things that we all use in our daily lives. But boy, do they suck when it comes to designing and building transportation devices. The recent Google self-driving car which can “shoulder the entire burden of driving” is the perfect example of why most Silicon Valleyites should never ever be allowed to design any sort of real world vehicle. Ever.

This latest video, from the guys at eGarage, paints a slightly more positive portrait of a new company born in the heart of Silicon Valley. Sure, they manufacturer bikes powered by clean electric energy (produced by burning fossil fuel) that will save us all but there is no denying that the Vintage Electric Bike is a practical, usable, and stylish design with a focus on craftsmanship and longevity. They also remembered the special ingredient that Google forgot, the human fun factor.

Source – eGarage

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