VIDEO. World’s fastest drift? Rocket Bull 86

260kph wheel spinning drift with a 800hp GT86 around Formula 1’s fastest corner

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Should you be one of the, er, dozens of fans of the Russian drift scene, the name Nikita Shikov will probably be very familiar to you. If on the off chance you are not, then Shikov is a Bridgestone ambassador and sponsored by tuning outfit ToySport, and – yep, you’ve guessed it – a Red Bull athlete.

And aboard his 800hp Rocket Bull 86 (which also kicks out 715lb ft of torque), he’s about to drift through Formula 1’s longest and fastest corner, turn three at the Sochi Autodrum which goes on for 750m. Never mind that Russia produced one of the most boring Grand Prix to date last year, a 260kph wheelspin powerslide is still pretty cool.

And no, we’re not too sure what happened to Shikov’s rear spoiler either…

Source – Red Bull

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