VIDEO. Walter Röhrl Tries Rallycross

Old-skool driver, new-skool machinery. Walter Röhrl is let loose in an Audi S1 Rallycross car.


In the world of rallying, Walter Röhrl is a living legend. Twice WRC champion, he has won events for no fewer than seven different manufacturers.

But these days, it’s the circuit sport of rallycross that’s in the particular ascendency. Mattias Ekström, a stalwart of the DTM series and occasional rallyist, has his own rallycross team, EKS RX, which races an Audi S1 quattro in the World Rallycross Championship. He invited Walter to try the modern rallycross car.

It’s no surprise that Walter was rather good at it. Standby for old-skool sideways action, and a driving icon that still has more talent behind the wheel than we could ever hope for.


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