VIDEO. The McLaren P1 GTR. It’s coming…

Only a few more weeks to wait for the most hardcore McLaren yet.

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Excited about the McLaren P1 GTR yet? Well, you should be. If you thought the P1 was a complete monster, then you’re absolutely right, but it’s still not monstrous enough for the boys and girls at Woking.

The limited edition P1 GTR will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March. With a power-to-weight ratio 10 percent higher than the standard P1, it’ll boast more than 690bhp per ton, and a huge amount of motorsport-derived technology. It’s probably just as well that the GTR will be a track-only model, as we’re struggling to think how anyone could use that kind of performance on the road.

The P1 GTR‘s introduced follows the design concept car seen last year. The production version is still being developed, with testing at circuits around the UK and Europe, as well as in Bahrain and Qatar, under the expert guidance of McLaren chief test driver Chris Goodwin.


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