VIDEO. SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo

Time for another Vision Gran Turismo concept, this time from SRT

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Typically mental design aside, the new SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo actually comes in three different variations, including the S, the GTS-R, and the X. Each are powered by the same 7-litre V10, a nod to SRT’s Viper. The base level 918kg ‘S’ – the red one – kicks 792bhp to the rear wheels, with a further 215bhp available through the pneumatically driven front wheels. The 662kg GTS-R meanwhile, which rocks a ’93’ racing livery, produces a total of 1450bhp, 1137bhp through the rear and 313bhp from the front.

The ‘X’ takes the digital-cake by pumping out 2168bhp, plus an extra 422bhp courtesy of the front wheel drivetrain. Oh, and good news, the redline arrives at a towering 14,500rpm for full face-melting effect. All this equates to a 650kph top speed, 90kph more capable than that of the 5000bhp Devel Sixteen (yep, remember that monstrosity…?) Were it ever to be produced – and there’s a better chance of Martin Lawrence receiving an Oscar nomination than that happening – you’d need a G-suit to protect your organs.

Again, any of you keen to increase your interest in Gran Turismo 6, the SRT Tomahawk is now available for download.

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