VIDEO. Sebastien Loeb tries Rallycross with Red Bull

We’ve seen Rallycross on some pretty rough terrains, mud, gravel, in the wet, but have you ever seen it on ice? Find out with the help of nine-time World Rally Champion Sebastien Loeb

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Red Bull has been pretty generous as of late, showing us not only ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett’s 1000bhp Radbull in 360 degrees and a tease of the upcoming Red Bull Aston Martin hypercar, but also 900hp Pro4 trucks at pace on a frozen rally stage and even a future Formula 1 world champion driving a Red Bull Racing F1 car on a ski slope. The latest offering shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise then, showcasing as it does two Peugeot 208s going head-to-head on a frozen lake. And if that’s not sweet enough, it features good ‘ole nine-time World Rally Champion Sebastien Loeb, fresh from his debut Dakar Rally run, dicing with new teammate Timmy Hansen. This marks the first time we’ve seen the WRC king in World Rallycross sort-of-action since his full 2016 campaign in the series was confirmed.

Now we’re no strangers to frozen lakes, having seen one up close and personal during a run in the pre-production Jaguar F-PACE, but this particular example in Sweden is still pretty cool, featuring as it does a slalom, jumps for some ridiculous air time, and, er, a couple of ice fishermen. All atop a lake with water just beneath a sheet of ice. Makes you wonder, given his performance, how Loeb will fair against fellow WRC champion / reigning World Rallycross champion Petter Solberg, and the Hoonigan himself, Ken Block

Source – Red Bull

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